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Danny Pollak

I will take some up to date fresh pictures of the little that we have left.    We are trying to convince Danny to send us a box of jewels to pick from. Keep your fingers crossed. 


more amazing bracelets

Both bee bracelets are already sold.

Danny 92 & 93 Both are $249.95

Danny 16 $249.95 and $279.95

Danny 158 $229.95 We have a great long otazu necklace to layer with this!!

Item # danny7a $279.95

This is fabulous isn't it?

first brooch is sold, thebutterfly is danny#20 and is $129.95

left to right brooches, Danny #23 $89.95, #18 $129.95, and #22 $89.95

left to right brooches, Danny#21 $139.95, #17 $129.95, #19 $109.95

Barrettes left to right. I really want to clip the dragonfly onto one of my skirts..... item # danny14 $139.95, #15 $89.95

Danny58 brooch $99.95

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