Rodigo Otazu
Rodrigo Otazu is the largest purchaser of swarovsky crystals in the world. This jewelry is absolutely spectacular. Stars and jewelry lovers alike are collecting his treasures.
Hold a piece. Wath the metal flow like water and the stones reflect the light they have gathered on their journey. Each Otazu creation explores a new interplay of water and light, a new dance in celebration of femininity. Otazu jewelry is all handcrafted, incorporating the unrivaled swarovski crystals. His jewelry is like magic in drawing people to the wearer. Many singer and actresses enjoy wearing otazu jewelry because of its dramatic appeal and glamorous radiation.


I am a hopeless dreamer! and a man of the world... when I left home at the age of 17 I wanted to be able to work and see what was happening around the world and to contribute to the beauty and glamour that surrounds us. Jewellery fit perfectly in my small suitcase that was also filled with huge dreams! My love for designing & jewellery was instant and it's never faded.

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As a mainstay in the A-list celebrity jewelry box, designer Rodrigo Otazu has come onto the fashion scene with little more than an eye for rare design and a worldly vision. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Rodrigo began as a male model, particularly for Calvin Klein, but found his passion in a handful of pearls that inspired his first design. That very necklace was instantly picked up by Australian Vogue, and catapulted his career. Since then, his bold pieces have adorned the likes of Lauren Hill, Beyoncé, Pink, Kylie Minogue, Britney Spears - who commissioned him for her MTV awards performance - and many more Hollywood names.
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